About Quiralta

Hola, my name is RJ Quiralta, I am a Mexican self-educated graphic-craft person, in a constant pursue of the skills that can deliver Art. I’ve been drawing since I can remember, but it is just in the last years of my life that I decided to focus on my own abilities in order to create content that would hopefully transmit the message of aesthetics from my mind to those who kindly see my work.

I’ve been influenced since I was a kid by Japanese Anime, although it wasn’t until much later that I understood it as part of the Japanese Pop and Traditional Culture. I also have an attraction to Asian cultures in general, which are nowadays the motor of Pop Culture and Fashion, with traits of the old and historic, its to me a fountain of constant inspiration.

Open Source Software is the platform of my choice. I think it is the basis of a better computing habits and education in general, to me, philosophically it is the fundamentals for the freedom of knowledge.

Personally I am as common as any one can be, I am an old ugly guy with a beautiful and awesome family (wife + two kids), besides graphics (Drawing, Painting, Digital Painting, Calligraphy, Graphic Design) I also like Wood Carving, Paper Crafting, Genealogy (my most successful hobby yet), watch Anime/Manga, I’m vegetarian and I like to eat Indian Food, Bean Tacos, Japanese Dango, Imagawayaki, Red bean buns, and lots, lots of sweet bread and pastries