Back to the Pens

This past winter was a bit slow for me, got to stay away a little from drawing either on the paper or on the computer, it gave time to think and plan better for the next art projects I want to achieve, thus not a loss at all, just a little lethargy.

Its amusing how the muscles and the brain tend to go numb after a while of not using them properly, and if we add the fact that this past February was the coldest in decades, then I have my perfect excuse for a late start this year. As soon as I was back to my pens and pencils, I felt like nothing was coming up well.

To add to the insult, as soon as I started to “warm up” with Krita and digital painting in general, my Huion pen fell and broke. Is still usable but is ready to fall apart any time now, just when life got a bit more expensive in our place. This by the way show me a big flaw on the Huion stylus design, that in their defense, may be a general design on most brands; The circuit board is attached to the back of the pen, this makes unnecessary pressure on the joint of the pen, my pen fell on the tip and that pushed the inner body off from the center.

Trying for a quick solution I dip all the circuit board excluding the buttons in crazy glue, is holding for now and art is coming along, just not as fast as I would wish.

Its been definitely a slow start, a “bumpy” one, but a start non the less, I hope to keep the “wheels” moving along from now on.

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